About Dominique models

Dominique Models was founded in 1985 and it has grown to become the biggest agency in Benelux.

Since the early years, Dominique Models has build the reputation of a star making factory, discovering and managing the careers of established topmodels including Laurence VH , Ingrid Seyhenhaeve, An Oost, Elise Crombez and Hanne Gaby. Thanks to our amazing scouting team, the story continues with an emerging army of new supermodels like Yumi, Marine Deleeuw, Cesar Casier, Manon Leloup and Ine Neefs.

Besides scouting and managing international careers, our team of seasoned and highly professional agents take pride in finding the perfect model for each client.

At Touch, our make-up and styling departement, you will find the professional artists providing their expertise and helping to create the perfect photoshoot.. Make-up wonderboy Peter Philips started his career at Touch to become one of the biggest industry icons.

Looking for a very special face or casting for an actor for a commercial or movie? Our talents and casting departement will help you. From streetcasting to celebrity, your casting is our challenge.

Chefs being today's rockstars, Dominque launched Belgium's first chef agency. We believe that chefs are artists and need their time to create. Dominique's chefs agency takes care of their career outside of the kitchen : commercial deals, private dinners, books, …

Our philosophy

The agency is based on 3 core values : transparency, respect and professionalism.

We want our talents to understand how we work and what we do. Everything starts with mutual respect between the agent and the talent.

Modelling is a serious job and taking care of your business is crucial to us. We are thankful to be your agent, and want to work together as a team. Don’t be be afraid to come and see your agent or management with your questions or doubts. Do not hesitate to contact our accounting team for information and explanations.

We take our job very seriously and we expect our talents to do the same. Professionalism is the key to success.